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OMG! 😱 Eclipse of June 10th

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On the morning of June 10th, 2021 people in the United States and Canada will be treated to a rare “Maximum Eclipse at Sunrise” eclipse. The last time New York City had a similarly oriented “Devil’s Horns” crescent sunrise was in 1875! In the USA, those residing above the lower left curved yellow limit line will see a part of the eclipse at sunrise. Those who are of above the curved green limit line will see their (according to their local circumstances) maximum eclipse at or after sunrise. And for the rest, all those above the second curved yellow limit line will see the entire eclipse after sunrise (again, as per their local circumstances). Those lucky enough to be living in the shaded region will be treated to the Moon’s “antumbra” and see a fine “ringed”, or annular eclipse. That’s when the Moon is too far away and too small to completely obscure the whole Sun—but it will slide right in front of it completely and be concentric to it forming a ring.

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Taken from Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean in 2016.
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The Eclipse As Seen From New York City!

Xavier Jubier’s SEM (Solar Eclipse Maestro)